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Invest in the Future of Pickleball

​Everyone is excited about our indoor pickleball clubs, the first of which is scheduled to open this year at 1300 Sarasota Central Parkway, Lakewood Ranch, Florida. With 12 indoor courts & 4 outdoor courts - Sarasota will host the most sophisticated indoor pickleball facility in the country! To date, we have already received over 800 prospective member inquiries through our website.

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Why Pickleball?

Fastest growing sport in the US

  • Get on board in the early stages of industry growth

  • 4.5 million players nationwide

  • 20% annual growth

  • Florida – the epicenter of pickleball

  • Our solution – Build indoor pickleball clubs


Everyone can play

  • Play for Life – Play from age 8 to 90+

  • Easy to learn - fun right away

  • Not physically demanding and easy on the joints

  • Our solution – Sport court flooring, indoor lighting in a climate-controlled environment


Inclement weather – rain, heat, humidity, wind, insects, heat...

  • 98% of the Nation’s courts are outside

  • 1/3 of the time can’t play or it's just too uncomfortable

  • Our solution – Move indoors to a dedicated pickleball facility


 Court availability – Why can’t I find a court?

  • Long lines, long wait times, or no available courts

  • Limited indoor times to play in gyms -no time in the summer

  • Most courts in private HOAs & COAs

  • Our solution - Court reservations


Skill-building - Professional instruction is difficult to find

  • Can’t find an instructor

  • Lessons canceled due to weather

  • No affordable clinics

  • Our solution – A dedicated indoor professional staff


Pickleball – spending time with your friends

  • Create a club environment

  • Bring people together with a common interest

  • Make it affordable for everyone

  • Our Solution – A coffee shop & juice bar with plenty of seating

What are your plans and how far along are you?

  • We are developing 15 clubs in Florida in the next 3 -5 years

  • 2-years developing the club template, detailed facility plans, advanced club operating systems, and team building team

  • 2 clubs [24 indoor courts] under development in Sarasota, Florida. Land acquired, processing permits

  • Planning to open the first club this year.

  • 5 future sites are under investigation and due diligence

  • Experienced development and operational management team in place

  • Member pricing model very affordable

  • Current valuation $15 million

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Private offering for accredited investors
$50,000 Minimum


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Investor FAQ

What's an accredited investor?

An accredited investor means you (i) have a $1 million net worth, not including the value of your primary residence (but including literally everything else, art, real estate, jewelry, business interests, investments, retirement accounts; OR (ii) you earn at least $200,000 per year alone or $300,000 including the income of your spouse.

Who is The Pickleball Club LLC?

The Pickleball Club LLC is developing The Pickleball ClubTM, to be the premier membership-based indoor pickleball facility in Florida. The company’s strategy is to take advantage of the significant unmet demand for a quality indoor sports facility in the Florida market with a vision to build 15 clubs in the Florida market. The Company currently has two clubs under development in Sarasota, Florida, each of ~34,000 sf with 12 indoor courts, a pro shop, coffee/juice bar, and locker room facilities. The coffee/bar will be supplemented by a series of rotating food trucks, to accommodate special events and major activities such as tournaments. The Club positions itself as a “Member Only” destination. The Club focuses on the social aspect of the sport, as well as health & fitness and skill development. Revenues are earned from four primary sources: membership fees, court reservation fees, instructional fees, and league & tournament fees. Secondary income is derived from the operation of the coffee/juice bar and pro shop.

Upcoming locations

Visit two of our upcoming indoor pickleball courts at these two locations.